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We issue forecasts only for named tropical storms over the North Atlantic Basin, whose (forecasted) maximum surface winds are above 34 knots (17.5 m/s) before transitioning to extra-tropical cyclones. 

Currently, three types of forecasts are provided:  (i)  Probability of maximum surface winds, (ii) Radial profile of surface winds, and (iii) Probability of gale-force or stronger winds.
Please click here for more information about the algorithm.

Hurricane Ian
Forecasts of Probability of Maximum Surface Winds
issued on 09/29/2022 2:00 AM EDT
Forecasts of Most Possible Wind Structure 
issued on 09/29/2022 2:00 AM EDT
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Probability Forecasts of Gale-force Wind 
issued on 09/29/2022 2:00 AM EDT
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